With our fine wine exchange, you can buy and sell through Berry Bros. & Rudd’s community of fine-wine lovers.

BBX Webinar

Get to the heart of BBX by watching our webinar. Charlie Montgomery, BBX team leader, brings to life the excitement of using the exchange to grow your cellar and illustrates the ease with which you can list your wines for sale.


Buy Wine

Anyone with wine stored In Bond at Berry Bros. & Rudd can list it for sale with BBX. There are currently around 8,000 wines listed, and you can easily buy any of them, in exactly the same way that you would make any other In Bond purchase from us.

Best of BBX is a way to easily see the best-priced wines offered for sale, compared to the current market price. Our Best of BBX curations let you navigate these wines according to different themes, making it easier than ever before to find what you’re looking for.


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Sell Wine

You can list any wine you have stored In Bond with us for sale with BBX. There are no listing fees; instead, you pay a commission if you successfully sell a wine. Your listing appears on Wine-Searcher too, giving it global visibility.

There’s a host of valuation data at your fingertips, helping you set the right price. Watch our video to understand how to sell your wine successfully. Or if you would like some help, then get in touch with the team at bbx@bbr.com.

You can register to receive bid alerts on wines in your cellar even if you don’t want to actively list wines. You are in control of your bid alerts. You can change them so that you are only alerted about bids within a threshold that you’d be happy to accept. This way, very speculative bids won’t bother you.


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Bid on Wine

Bidding is what makes BBX so interesting – and, for a wine geek, fun. You can bid on any wine that is stored with us, whether or not it has been actively listed for sale.

Bidding is a great way to access rare wines. Over 40% of BBX transactions are from accepted bids. There are over 30,000 customer-owned wines stored in our warehouses.


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Why use BBX?

  • It’s safe and secure – we handle all sales

  • Every case is checked and guaranteed by us

  • No buyers’ fees when purchasing

  • All wines are held in our bonded storage facilities