Moving your wine to us

Why move your wine into our warehouse:

  1. Peace of mind: we have an in-house authentication team that check every case that comes into our warehouse. This guarantee is critical for a collector’s peace of mind. Read more about the team here.
  2. Cellar Management: by storing your wine in our warehouse you will have access to Cellar Manager, our app, which was designed with our collectors in mind, find out more about our app. You will also have access to our online cellar management tools.
  3. BBX, our fine wine exchange: for many of our customers accessing BBX is a key motivation for transferring their wine into our warehouse. Listing your wine for sale on BBX puts it in front of a large and global base of fine wine lovers.
  4. World-class storage: fine wine will only retain its value if it is kept in optimum conditions, allowing the liquid to mature while minimising the risk of any faults developing. At Berry Bros. & Rudd, we have unmatched wine storage facilities and for added peace of mind, all wines are insured at replacement value.
  5. It is free and simple: we do not charge any transfer-in fees and will inspect and photograph your wine for free. The process is simple and you can start straight away below.

How to move your wine

Transferring your wines to our world-class warehouse couldn’t be easier. Below is a step-by-step guide to the process.

  1. Email with a request to move your wines into our warehouse. Please include details of the wine, the vintage, the case size and the original price paid. This can be either in the form of the original invoice or a spreadsheet.
  2. The team will arrange the appropriate paperwork which will be sent to you and you will need to pass the paperwork on to the current merchant or bonded warehouse who looks after the wine that you are moving. They will need to contact us to arrange delivery.
  3. Once your merchant or warehouse has arranged delivery, and we have received your wine, our warehouse team will inspect the stock.
  4. Provided everything is in order, the wine will be accepted into our warehouse and you can view it in our app.

Please note: To be eligible for storage in our warehouse, wines must be stored “In Bond” and cases must be complete and in their original packaging. We can only accept wines from HMRC registered, UK warehouses.

If you have any questions, please contact us.