The Franco-Massolino estate traces its history back to 1896, when Giovanni Massolino founded the estate. It is now run by three generations of the family, including winemakers Franco and Roberto Massolino. Today it includes 15 hectares of vineyards around the picturesque village of Serralunga d'Alba.

Massolino's best-known wine is its entry-level "Classic Barolo"; It was first produced in 1911, and it is sourced from a variety of vineyards in diffierent subzones. The wine reflects the terroir's broad and variable spectrum of perfumes, ranging from the classic spicy notes to those of a sweeter, floral and fruity nature.

The jewels in the crown of Massolino estate originate from three cru vineyards: Margheria, Parafada and Vigna Rionda, that produce the highly rated wines Barolo Margheria, Barolo Parafada and Vigna Rionda Riserva, respectively.

Each of the above wines demonstrate impressive complexity and great ageing potential. The Margheria vineyard is a renown Cru vineyard in Serralunga, on calcareous & sandy soil, which imparts elegance, mineral and spicy notes to the wine. The nearby marl-lime soils of Parafada vineyard, yield wines with intense redberry, leather and vanilla notes. With a similar marly lime soil, the vineyard situated in Vigna Rionda produces a powerful Barolo, suitable for long ageing.

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