Jayer (Henri, Georges and Family)

Jayer (Henri, Georges and Family)

Domaine Henri Jayer is renowned in the world of wine for its legendary status and profound influence on Burgundy winemaking. Established by Henri Jayer (1922 - 2006), the domaine’s origins were unexpected, as Henri did not initially plan to become a vigneron. Instead, he cared for the Camuzet vineyards during World War II. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of his winemaking journey.

Over time, Henri expanded his viticultural endeavours by planting his own vineyards and managing the vines owned by his brothers, Georges and Lucien. His dedication to these vineyards and commitment to crafting exceptional wines earned him a reputation as a master winemaker.

The Domaine was primarily located in the esteemed wine region of Vosne-Romanée, where it produced a remarkable range of wines, from the humble Passé-Tout-Grains to the prestigious Échezeaux. These wines were celebrated for their quality and distinctiveness, further solidifying Henri Jayer’s status as a luminary in the Burgundy wine scene.

In 2001, after a long and illustrious career, Henri Jayer retired. At this point, the responsibility for the vineyards was passed on to Jean-Nicolas Méo, and the day-to-day management of the domaine was entrusted to Emmanuel Rouget. Under their stewardship, the domaine’s wines maintained their high standards, although they were no longer labelled under the Jayer name.

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2001 Vosne-Romanée, Cros Parantoux, Domaine Henri Jayer, Burgundy
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Full Bodied
13.0% Alcohol
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2018 Échezeaux, Grand Cru, Domaine Georges Jayer, E. Rouget, Burgundy
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14.0% Alcohol
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