Domaine Riffault

Domaine Riffault

Domaine Riffault is a family-owned winery in the Sancerre region of the Loire Valley in France. The estate is known for producing high-quality Sancerre wines, mainly focusing on Sancerre's signature grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc.

In addition to Sancerre Blanc, the estate may produce Sancerre Rosé and Sancerre Rouge, both of which are made from Pinot Noir.

The Domaine has a long history that spans several generations of winemaking. Etienne Riffault founded the estate; today, it owns and cultivates vineyards in various parcels within the Sancerre appellation.

Sancerre is renowned for its unique terroir, which includes limestone and clay soils that contribute to the distinct characteristics of the wines. The vineyards are situated on these diverse soil types, which add complexity and depth to their wines.

Domaine Riffault has been known for employing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in its vineyards. They prioritize maintaining the land's health and the region's biodiversity. Sustainable vineyard management helps ensure the vines' longevity and the preservation of the natural ecosystem.

The winemaking approach emphasizes minimal intervention and a hands-on approach. They strive to allow the expression of the terroir and the grape's natural characteristics to shine through in the final wines. Stainless steel tanks are often used for fermentation to preserve the wine's freshness and fruit-forward qualities.

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