Cantina Terlano

Cantina Terlano

Founded in 1893, the Cantina Terlano winery is now one of the leading wine growers’ cooperatives in South Tyrol (alto Adige in Italian), with a current membership of 143 growers working a total area of 165 hectares, making some 1.2 million bottles of wine a year. Cantina Terlano have long had a strong focus on quality. This has attracted praise and recognition on the Italian and international wine markets, and in spite of its relatively small size, Cantina Terlano is now well established in the world of wine.

Their modern winery produces 30 percent red and 70 percent white wines, all of them of DOC quality (Controlled Designation of Origin). Following the latest upgrade and refurbishment in 2009, their cellars now include a total of 18,000 cubic meters of storage space, which ensures that the wines can develop undisturbed.

the wines are marketed in three distinct quality lines: Selections, Vineyards and Classics. An annual rarity is also produced, which only comes on the market after it has spent at least ten years maturing in our cellars. That makes it a fine symbol of our focus on longevity.

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BBX marketplace BBX 1 x 900cl special BBX
1 case £1,120.00
Cantina Terlano, Vorberg, Pinot Bianco, 6-Magnum Mixed Case
Drink, at peak
Full Bodied
14.0% Alcohol