Ultra-low intervention is the philosophy at Cloudburst winery. Located in Australia’s Margaret River region, the wines produced here are a far cry from the “fruit bomb” styles you might expect in this corner of the world. This lush, green region sees plenty of rain and cool breezes from nearby oceans, resulting in wines that have an authentic elegance to them, with wonderfully fresh fruit profiles.

Owner, founder, and winemaker Will Berliner sticks religiously to low-intervention methods with an almost fanatical devotion, believing that this is the best way for his wines to express terroir without compromise. Organic and biodynamic practices are followed here. The team uses homoeopathic preparations such as fish and seaweed emulsions, biodynamic composts, rock dusts, and mulches.

Will considers his whole farm a living, integrated system, with its foundation in these soils. His background in plant biology has influenced this view; he believes this is the best way to encourage the land to shine through in the Cloudburst wines – a triumph.

The Chardonnay is a purist’s dream: only 3,200 bottles are made a year, and flavours of ripe fruit, toast, dried lemon peel, and salted butter explode on the palate. His Cabernet Sauvignon is almost Burgundian in style: fairly powerful but with an elegance that will take you by surprise.

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