Tequila Patrón

Tequila Patrón

Tequila Patrón was founded in 1989 by John Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley. The brand’s headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and the tequila itself is produced in Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, the only region where authentic tequila can be made.

Tequila Patrón is made from 100% Weber blue agave, the plant used to make tequila. The agave is harvested, roasted, crushed, and then the juice is fermented and distilled to create the tequila. The production process and the quality of agave used contribute to its reputation as a premium tequila.

The company offers several varieties of tequila, ranging from Silver (Blanco) to Añejo. The Silver tequila is unaged, while the Reposado and Añejo varieties are aged in oak barrels for different periods to develop unique flavors and characteristics.

Over the years, Tequila Patrón has gained widespread recognition and popularity among enthusiasts. It has won numerous awards and accolades for its quality and taste.

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