Fielden Distillery

Fielden Distillery

Fielden Distillery was previously known as The Oxford Artisan Distillery. The word "fielden" is Old English, meaning "of the field", demonstrating Fielden's focus on soil health and heritage grains.

Moving up to Yorkshire, Fielden is committed to regenerating their fields with heritage grains grown long before industrial farming took hold. They don't use chemicals. The crops grow in clover, a natural fertiliser that helps the soil stay healthy.

Fielden believes its grains grow deeper roots and take in more nutrients from the soil, imbuing each grain with plenty of flavour for the best results in the stills. The new distillery in Yorkshire is designed with a view to scale up production and get the best from Fielden's heritage grains.

The whisky is distilled from diverse populations of rye, wheat and barley grown by local farmers. The team use a wide variety of casks, including American oak and a range of ex-wine casks such as Sauternes and Moscatel, to enhance the flavour of the heritage grains used.

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