Champagne Lafalise Froissart

Champagne Lafalise Froissart

Champagne Lafalise Froissart is found in the heart of the Verzenay Grand Cru vineyards, home to some of the greatest Pinot Noir in the Montagne de Reims. This family-run winery is now in the hands of the sixth generation, with Paul Froissart spearheading the operation and making the most of his intimate knowledge of their unique terroir.

Both organic and biodynamic certified, Lafalise Froissart prioritise the health of their soils and vineyards to great reward. They produce terroir-focused, elegant and precise wines that rub shoulders with the greatest names in the area. 

The benefit of the low-intervention approach means that each parcel can express its own unique properties in the final wine. Lafalise Froissart's two cuvées, 045 and 276, have their own charming typicity and power. The 276 shows more minerality and freshness, while the 046 exemplifies the power and elegance of Pinot Noir. These are absolutely Champagnes for fans “in the know” – limited quantities of exceptional-quality wine that you can enjoy for years to come.

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