Alexandre Bain

Alexandre Bain

Located in Pouilly Fumé, Alexandre Bain does not make traditional Pouilly Fumé style Sauvignon Blanc but something much more unique and atypical to the appellation.

After several experiences in different vineyards across the Loire, Alexandre bought his 5-hectare vineyard in 2007 in the lieu-dit Boisfleury, Pouilly Fumé. His vision was to create a unique expression of Sauvignon Blanc, nowhere to be found in the Central Valley.

Indeed, his styles of wines are not what you would expect to see from the appellation - they are some of the most expressive terroir-driven wines. They do not fit the standardized Pouilly Fumé appellation because the PDO deprived him of labeling the appellation on his bottles in 2014. Hence, he marks his wines under ‘Vin de France’, which works to his advantage as it allows his wines to show true individuality and freedom of expression.

Alexandre works organically and biodynamically; everything is harvested by hand, and he ploughs his vines with horses' aid. There is little intervention in his winemaking, which is the essence of the precision and age-worthiness of his Sauvignon Blanc.

Today, the vineyard boasts 11 hectares of vines and has become a cult grower that all Sommeliers and wine connoisseurs seek. The wine and food pairings possible from Alexandre’s wines are some of the most exciting for sommeliers worldwide. From his entry-level Pierre Precieuse and La Leveé cuvees to his unique cuvees such as Terre d’Obus and Les Grandes Hates, Alexandre’s range is one all should discover.

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2020 Alexandre Bain, Mademoiselle M, Vin de France
Lay down
Full Bodied
12.5% Alcohol
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