Nc'nean Botanical Spirit, Argyll, Scotland (40%)

Nc'nean Botanical Spirit, Argyll, Scotland (40%)

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Nc'nean Botanical Spirit, Argyll, Scotland (40%)

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Because they use deliciously characterful new-make spirit from their single malt whisky stills – as opposed to the legally mandated neutral spirit – Nc’Nean cannot refer to this little beauty as a gin. The spirit is brightly herbal on the nose, with subtle spice and sweet cereal notes. Tonic water seems to bring the citrussy grapefruit elements to the fore. The palate is chewy and toothsome, the herbal aspects becoming greener and more savoury. The finish returns to luscious barley and the cleanliness so indicative of expert distillation. I drink this as a long drink with uncomplicated tonic and ever so slightly too much ice.

Rob Whitehead, Spirits buyer, Berry Bros. & Rudd (March 2021)

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Nc’nean Distillery

Nc’nean Distillery

Established by Annabel Thomas in 2017, Nc’nean stands as a remarkable trailblazer in the world of Scotch Whisky, setting new standards not only in flavour but also in sustainability and environmental responsibility. This visionary distillery, situated in the heart of Scotland, has achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming the country’s first carbon-neutral distillery.

A deep commitment to organic farming practices is at the heart of Nc’nean’s ethos. The distillery proudly sources 100% organic barley, eschewing conventional agricultural methods and favouring a more environmentally friendly approach. This choice ensures the purity of the ingredients and reflects their dedication to reducing the ecological footprint of whisky production.

In a demonstration of self-sufficiency and innovation, Nc’nean employs its own forestry resources to power a state-of-the-art biomass boiler. This innovative energy source is sustainable and remarkably efficient, further reducing the distillery’s carbon emissions. It’s a testament to Nc’nean’s dedication to embracing eco-conscious technologies and practices that align with their environmental ethics.

Nc’nean’s portfolio of whiskies, born from a harmonious blend of organic barley, innovative energy sources, and a profound respect for the environment, embodies the very essence of their vision. These whiskies are a testament to the fact that exceptional flavour can emerge from a foundation of environmental responsibility. They celebrate the earth’s bounty and the artistry of distillation.

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