Suntory, The Chita, Single Grain Whisky, Japan (43%)

Suntory, The Chita, Single Grain Whisky, Japan (43%)

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Suntory, The Chita, Single Grain Whisky, Japan (43%)

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This impeccably distilled and aged example of single grain whisky comes from the warm south coast of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. Light and bright on the nose, with soft vanilla and gentle oak on the palate, this cries out for a pre-prandial Highball, or Mizuwari, if you prefer.
Rob Whitehead, Spirits Buyer

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Wine Advocate85/100
This dry deep-lemon colored Chita Single Grain Whisky is light and spicy, with cereal, rice paddy, leather and seaweed notes. Medium in body and balanced, it is a typical sample of good quality single grain whisky. Alcohol: 43% abv.
Liwen Hao - 29/12/2017 Read more

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Suntory Distilleries

Suntory Distilleries

In 1923, Suntory's founder Shinjiro Torii began constructing Japan's first whisky distillery in Yamazaki in the outskirts of Kyoto. Known since ancient times as Minaseno and famed for its excellent water, this district became the birthplace of Japanese whisky. In 1929, Suntory introduced Suntory Shirofuda (Japanese for white label), Japan's first genuine domestically produced whisky. Kakubin (square bottle), a premium Japanese whisky, was born in 1937.

In 1973, Suntory built another distillery in Hakushu at the foot of Mt. Kaikomagatake in the Southern Japan Alps. Suntory's range is diverse, including single malts such as Yamazaki, Hakushu and Hibiki, Suntory's flagship blended whisky. The whiskies have reaped a series of awards in the recent years, attesting Suntory's quality and innovation standing in the global whisky arena; At the International Spirits Challenge, one of the world's most authoritative international liquor competitions, Yamazaki 12 Years won  a Gold (2003)  Hibiki 30 Years won the 2004 Trophy, (the highest award in the challenge),  Hakushu 18 Years also captured a Gold Award in 2006.

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