Westland, Colere, 1st Edition, Single Malt Whiskey, USA (50%)

Westland, Colere, 1st Edition, Single Malt Whiskey, USA (50%)

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Westland, Colere, 1st Edition, Single Malt Whiskey, USA (50%)

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The first edition of Westland’s Colere marks their initial foray into the world of heritage grains. It’s made with the winter barley Alba – “the variety of grain it all began with”, according to Westland. It’s sweet with a distinctively cereal granola character, alongside fresh tropical fruits and toasted almonds.

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Westland Distillery

Westland Distillery

Westland Distillery was founded in Seattle in 2010 by Matt Hoffman and Emerson Lamb. Since its inception, Matt has been their Master Distiller, a post he holds to this day. The team at Westland are driven by a philosophy that places barley at the heart of their whisky-making. Their vision is to produce exceptional spirits that are truly reflective of their Pacific Northwest environment, while benefiting everyone involved in the production process. Barley, they believe, is one of the central components behind this (alongside the use of oak and peat).

Vice President Chris Riebeck tells us, “We’re looking at barley with a true sense of place: barley that works well within the confines of the Washington State climate, and is good for the farmer, the maltster and the distiller.”

This holistic approach has resulted in a range of unique and distinctive whiskies that are true to their Pacific Coast roots.

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