Food & WineMatching: Lamb

Overall Winner: Red Bordeaux
Red Bordeaux wines are the perfect accompaniment to Lamb.

Roast Lamb, Kleftiko, Lamb Casserole, Irish Stew:
Big Reds from Pauillac, Haut Médoc and Médoc or Petits chateaux and Crus Burgeois or Rioja.

New World Bordeaux equivalents would also work, like Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blends from : Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Australia

Lamb Kebab or Grilled Lamb Chops: New Zealand Pinot Noir or Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
Lighter dishes like Lamb Kebab or Grilled Lamb Chops would work well with fruitier New World wines.

Lancashire Hotpot: Lightly oaked whites from Italy or the South-West of France
Lancashire Hotpot is actually quite light-weight for a meat-dish; try it with a lightly oaked, wine like an Italian Chardonnay or similar dry white wine from South-West of France.

Shepherd's Pie: Beaujolais or fruity Vin de Pays Red wines
Shepherd pie needs a low tannin Red wine with little or no oak influence.

Lamb Kidneys: Barolo, Barbaresco

Lambs Liver: Australian or Chilean Shiraz

Sweetbreads: Chardonnay
When simply sauteed in butter require a light White wine like Italian Chardonnay. But if they are to be served in a cream sauce then go for more body in the wine: Chilean Chardonnay or a White Burgundy.

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