Domaine Jasmin

Domaine Jasmin

Located in the Northern Rhône region of France, specifically in the village of Ampuis, Domaine Patrick Jasmin is a highly regarded winery that focuses on the appellations of Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu.

Patrick Jasmin and his son, Julien Jasmin, are responsible for crafting the wines at the Domaine and are known for their commitment to traditional winemaking practices and a deep respect for the land.

The vineyards have granite soils and excellent sun exposure on steep slopes, contributing to the high-quality grapes grown in the vineyards. Patrick and Julien Jasmin practice sustainable viticulture focusing on organic and biodynamic principles, striving to maintain a balanced ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and preserving the natural health of the vineyards.

In the cellar, the winemaking approach at Domaine Patrick Jasmin is one of minimal intervention. The grapes are carefully hand-harvested and undergo meticulous sorting to ensure that only the finest fruit is used in production. Fermentation takes place using indigenous yeasts, adding complexity and a true expression of the terroir. The wines are aged in a combination of new and used oak barrels, allowing the flavours to develop and harmonise over time.

The estate also produces Condrieu, a wine made from the Viognier grape variety. These wines are renowned for their aromatic intensity, displaying aromas of apricots, peaches, and floral nuances. They often possess a rich and velvety texture with a vibrant acidity that adds freshness and structure.

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