Catarratto Carricante blend

Catarratto Carricante blend

Catarratto is an Italian white wine grape planted primarily in Sicily, covering around a third of the island's vineyards. Overproduction in the 90s has led to vast quantities of this grape being distilled, or used in blends for bulk, table wines.  Catarratto was historically favoured for providing quantity for Marsala wine production.

Since early 2000, the wine renaissance in southern Italy, based on superior vineyard management and cellar practices, is now beginning to show promising results for this grape, though quality Catarratto wines still account for a slim minority of the total production. With greater understanding, though, the potential exists to make some fine wines here in the future.
Catarratto can make full bodied wines with lemon notes and intense floral notes.

Carricante is another white wine grape, indigenous to Sicily. In the right hands, Carricante wines offer crisp acidity, racy minerality and aromatic, pure, and lemon, tart apple and floral white peach fruit with a twist of mint, and have excellent ageing potential from 5-10 years.


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