Delaforce was founded in 1834, when John Fleurriet Delaforce was asked by his London employer to set up a new Port wine company for the partners of Martinez Gassinot.

Delaforce rapidly became established as one of the leading Port wine companies developing its sales worldwide. Between 1894 and 1906 the company was distinguished with a warrant as supplier of Port wine to the Portuguese Royal Household.

The company still exists today but was acquired by the Taylor-Fladgate Fonseca group in 2001 although still maintaining its individual identity and traditions.

Ever since being acquired by the Taylor-Fladgate Fonseca group, its wines are back on form and aspire to the quality they must have once held in the late nineteenth century when the company supplied the Portuguese Royal Family.

The company sources grapes from its own vineyards located in the finest areas of the Rio Torto and Roncão valleys.

The house style is distinguished by delicate fruit flavours, smooth texture, and early-maturing qualities, the firm has gained recognition for its continuity and style.

Delaforce has developed a reputation for its blending and ageing skills particularly noticeable in the company’s renowned aged tawny ports.

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