Kininvie Distillery

Kininvie Distillery

Kininvie distillery is located in Dufftown, Moray in Scotland, and is owned by William Grant & Sons. One of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, it opened in 1990.

It was built close by to the Balvenie distillery, and because of its limited buildings and technology, the Balvenie was used to pipe the liquid used for the fermentation process to the small Kininvie distillery.

The single malt whiskey produced there was used in Grant & Sons blended malt and blended whiskey brands. Kininvie only ever released two single malts; the Hazelwood 105, aged 15 years; and the Hazelwood Rserve, aged 17 years. It closed in 2010, with Grant’s Ailsa Bay distillery taking its place.

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