Fine WineInvestment Options

There are three main categories of wines for investment:

  1. Low Capital, Lower Risk, Medium Growth Potential
    Wines like Ch. Lynch Bages and Ch. Gruaud Larose - normally under £1000 per dozen when bought en-primeur. These traditionally have strong secondary markets and are therefore easy to sell and normally make a handsome, yet not earth-shattering profit. One should also bear in mind that multiple cases of relatively low-cost wine will make for higher annual storage charges. 
  2. Medium Capital, Low/Med Risk, Medium to High Growth Potential
    These wines are becoming more expensive, though wines such as the First Growths and selected ‘super-seconds’, normally selling for £1,000 to £10,000 per case. These are the ultimate blue-chip, very high demand, high Parker point wines that can make a better profit but with a higher initial cost. These wines tend to have a global market as opposed to a just a UK or European market.
  3. High Capital, High Risk, High Growth Potential
    Wines such as Ch. Pétrus or Le Pin – often selling for £10,000 to £20,000 per case and more. These are niche wines with tiny productions. With high demand and often cult followings, these can often reach astronomical prices, though prices can be volatile.

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