How To Invest In Fine Wine

An investment in wine should always be seen as a long-term proposition. We would suggest a minimum term of five to ten years, preferably the latter. Whilst recent times have seen the potential to make short term gains, this should not be considered the norm.

As prices for the best wines rise, investment in them becomes more expensive. In theory one can make an investment in wine with as little as a few hundred pounds, though one should really look at an investment of circa £10,000. An investment cellar can be created over a period of time via the Cellar Plan or more quickly through investing a lump sum.

Choosing your cases
Selecting the correct cases at the correct prices is all important. The Berry Bros. & Rudd Fine Wine Team is tasked with assisting our customers in building cellars for future drinking and investment. As a merchant we seek to build trusting, long term relationships with our customers. Whatever degree of assistance you seek, we are at hand to inform and guide.

Depending on market conditions Berry Bros. & Rudd may make an offer to buy your wine outright, though the majority of customers choose to use our online broking exchange – BBX. Our website boasts over 170,000 unique monthly visitors and so far over 50,000 cases of wine have been sold through BBX, worth in excess of £55m. There are few better shop windows for your wine, should you wish to sell.

Wine must be stored professionally in a temperature-controlled bonded warehouse. Berry Bros. & Rudd is one of the few merchants to have its own bonded facilities. Wines are stored in perfect conditions and are fully insured at replacement value. Cases are placed into the in the sole ownership of the customer at the time of purchase.

Wine Provenance
The provenance of wine is key to its value. Wine purchased through Berry Bros. & Rudd has our stamp of approval, and we stand by the quality of everything we sell. We buy as much wine as possible from source and every case is inspected assiduously on arrival at our facilities.

En Primeur
Buying ‘en primeur’ is the practice of buying wine before it is bottled and shipped. Traditionally this is the cheapest time to buy though purchasing wine in this manner does have both advantages and disadvantages.

Wine Valuation
Berry Bros. & Rudd customers have access to independent valuation data for wines held in their reserves through a personal online account page. A private account manager is also at hand to offer advice at any time.

Investment Costs
Aside from storage charges (currently £10.80 per case per year, or £9.00 for Cellar Plan members), Berry Bros. & Rudd will take a 10% commission from all BBX transactions. There are no other costs other than the wine itself.

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