Callabriga is the result of several years work by Sogrape’s winemakers to develop a truly new wine from the Old World, offering the consistency and approachability of a New World wine brand, but with the individuality and heritage of Portugal.

The Callabriga range encompasses wines from each of the three most recognised wine growing regions in Portugal (Alentejo, Douro and Dão) and it includes a reserve range for each region), with one grape variety in common – Tinta Roriz (aka Tempranillo). Tinta Roriz, one of the mainstays of Port, is a noble grape indeed, with a firm structure but plenty of fruit character.

Callabriga borrows its the name from a Roman fortified settlement, an implicit acknowledgement of the structural power of the wine and the spread of civilization, vinous and otherwise, to these once remote outposts.

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