Bailie Nicol Jarvie Blended Whisky

Bailie Nicol Jarvie Blended Whisky

Founded in 1893 in Leith by Roderick Macdonald and Alexander Muir, of Macdonald and Muir Ltd, Nicol Jarvie whisky is one of the few remaining independent family-owned and family-controlled companies left in the Scotch whisky trade.

'The Bailie' or 'BNJ' as it is also known, is named after the fictional magistrate in Walter Scott's Rob Roy. Although a popular brand in the early years of this century (particularly in military circles), in the 70’s -80’s production diminished severely.

However, the brand was relaunched in October 1994 with a change in its blend composition. This is a very fine blend thanks to its high malt content of over 60% (in excess of the legal minimum of 40%). The constituent malts all have a minimum of 6 years ageing in casks. Only 8 malts go into the blend, with Glenmorangie and Glen Moray at its heart. This is a full-flavoured, smooth whisky with just a whiff of smoke, and never heavy or spirity.

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