Bladnoch Distillery, Lowlands

Bladnoch Distillery, Lowlands

The Bladnoch distillery started its life as a farm on the banks of the river Bladnoch in 1817. It belonged to Thomas McClelland and remained in the hands of the McClelland / McLelland family (who also rebuilt the distillery in 1871) until it was closed in 1938.

Bladnoch had a string of owners, before Bladnoch Distillery Ltd. bought it back in 1956 and regenerated its production. This was followed by a short spell under the ownership of Arthur Bell & Sons, which was eventually incorporated to United Distillers (Diageo) in 1985.

Diageo mothballed the stills in 1993 and converted it to a heritage centre. Raymond Armstrong, an Irish businessman acquired it one year later and in 2000 he managed to get the whole operation back into working order. However, production remained small, and when David Prior took over the distillery in 2015 there was extremely limited stock. Production has now increased with a range of expressions, as well as the occasional exceptionally rare older release.

The style of Bladnoch is fresh and grassy with rich, herbal notes on the palate.

(Adapted from the Malt Whisky Yearbook 2024)

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