La Goulee

The vines of Goulée, located north of the Médoc at Port de Goulée and jau-dignac et loirac, spread out on a gravely hill facing the Gironde estuary. Goulée, which was once an island surrounded by the waters of the estuary, enjoys a terroir of deep layers of gravel worthy of the greatest Médoc Grands Crus and thus vinified as such by the team of Cos d'Estournel.

The average plantation density of 5700 vines per hectare goes along with a high trellising to allow a perfect photosynthesis. Just like for all the great terroir of the Médoc, the vines are pruned and harvested by hand.

The vineyard of Goulée benefits from an extraordinary temperate climate where the two grape-varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon (80%) and Merlot (20%) can grow in the best conditions. Indeed, the geographical position of Goulée situated close to the Atlantic Ocean (11 miles away and 19 from Pauillac), together with the Estuary's remarkable width at Goulée (7 ½ miles wide as against only 2 at Pauillac) bring the Goulée vines exceptional coolness in summer and greater mildness in winter and spring.

It is this distinctive individuality in the climate which gives the Goulée wine a fruity character which is not without recalling that of the style of the New World wines.

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