Royal Brackla Distillery, Speyside

Originally known simply as Brackla when it was founded in 1812, this whisky distillery earned the right to its ‘Royal’ prenom in 1835, when it became an official supplier to the court of King William IV.

Royal Brackla’s location classification is a matter of confusion for some whisky lovers, as some consider it to be a Speyside distillery; however, on the whole it is generally regarded to be part of the Northern Highlands.

Brackla’s history is one of notable ingenuity, due to the actions of a certain Andrew Usher, an Edinburgh merchant who, after joining the company in the 1860’s, invented the concept of blended whisky.

Brackla was naturally a part of the first ever blends, and blending remains an important part of the distillery’s produce today: it is used in many famous blends including Johnnie Walker Gold Label and several Dewar’s whiskies.

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