Tommaso Bussola

Tommaso Bussola

The story of Tommaso Bussola begins in 1977, the year Tommaso began working in the small Negrar & San Peretto wine estate of his uncle Giuseppe in Veneto.

The wines of this style of production carry the logo bg, being the initials of his uncle, Bussola Giuseppe. In 1983 Tommaso, with his first vinification, chose to take up another challenge: that of constantly improving the quality of the product. To this end, he began personally looking after the selection of grapes destined for the production of Amarone and Recioto.

Encouraged by his first successes, Tommaso's adventure did not stop, and the construction of the new winery, in years 1992/3, coincided with the introduction of barriques, in which the wines can complete the fermentation in a constantly improving process. The new wines were baptised with the label TB (Tommaso Bussola); So this innovative style sit side by side with the historic style under the bg label.

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