The Mackmyra Distillery

Mackmyra is an award winning Swedish whisky distillery that produces malt whiskies of distinction with a decidedly fruity edge.

The story of Mackmyra begins with a skiing trip in 1998. Eight friends arrive, each with a bottle of whisky. In the course of the inevitable tasting a question kept coming up: why didn’t Sweden have its own whisky? The clean air, cold waters and billowing fields of barley which are plentiful in Sweden suggested the perfect conditions for creating a high grade malt. One year later the pilot distillery of Mackmyra had been founded and the work began to find perfect recipe – a process which involved the creation of over 170 different whiskies.

It is perhaps the organic nature of the process at Mackmyra which creates such a mature taste considering the comparative youth of the distillery. The ingredients are fresh, local and well-balanced creating a taste that is distinctly Swedish in character and very easy on the palate.

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