Diamantakis Winery

Diamantakis Winery

The Diamantakis family established their winery in 2007, but the family has a long history for growing table grapes. The vineyards are well-situated on a loamy, terraced location in a mountainous valley overlooking the Aegian Sea in the North East of Crete, and benefit from the cooling effect of the altitude & the sea breezes.

The 26-acres estate is run by the young viticulturist Zacharias Diamantakis who has been doing excellent work with indigenous (Malvasia, Mandilari) and international varieties (Syrah, Chardonnay).

His talent further extends to the region’s most striking, historic white grape variety, Vidiano, producing hand-crafted wines with wonderfully rich and expressive character likened to Viogner.

Indeed, with its exquisite floral aromas and spicy, full-bodied character, Vidiano’s popularity has soared domestically. This food-friendly, intensely flavoured wine has become an ideal calling card by which to discover the newly transformed face of the wine appellations in Crete.

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