Domaine du Fresche

Located at La Pommeraye, Domaine du Fresche has been run by the Boré family for three generations and, under Alain’s Boré’s stewardship, its 30 hectares were certified organic with effect from the 2004 vintage. 

As the organic certification suggests, Alain is meticulous in the vineyard and has a deep understanding of his schistous terroir close to the river.  He uses cover crop, spur pruning and bunch-thinning to ensure low yields and de-leafs to open up the canopy to secure ripe and healthy grapes.

The domaine is planted to several grape varieties and produces the full gamut of styles from Anjou including reds made from Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as two cuveés of the rare as hens’ teeth Coteaux de la Loire sweet Chenin Blanc: Vieille Sève.

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