Glen Mhor Distillery,Speyside

Purists pronounce Glen Mhor the Gaelic way, Glen Vawr. The distillery was built in 1892 in Inverness.

Just as in the case of the nearby Glen Albyn, the water source was the famous Loch Ness. It was one of several ditilleries at which the poet, novelist and pioneering whisky-writer Neil Gunn worked as an exciseman. In “Scotch Missed”, Brian Townsend writes that Gunn was inspired by Glen Mhor to let slip his observation that until a man has had the luck to chance upon a perfectly matured malt, he does not really know what whisky is.

The distillery has been demolished in 1986 and a shopping centre has been built on the site. Glen Mhor can still be found in independent bottlers' collections.

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