Vina William Fevre

William Fèvre, who is the largest owner of Chablis Grand Cru vineyards, first became involved in Chile in 1989. His reasoning was twofold: firstly, he was frustrated with the authorities in Chablis who were restricting him from extending his plantings of Chardonnay and secondly, he was attracted by the sheer quality of the fruit that is to be found in the best Chilean vineyards. In 1991 he joined forces with local producer Victor Pino and Vina William Fèvre was established.

A winery was established in 1995 at Fundo San Luis de Pirque in the heart of the Maipo Valley just outside Santiago. The company now owns 3 vineyards where ChardonnayCabernet SauvignonMerlot, Pinot Noir and Carmenère are grown. 75% of the production is of red wines and the combination of super-ripe New World fruit and French winemaking techniques has been spectacularly successful.

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