Pecorino is a white wine grape variety that is native to the Marches and Abruzzo regions of central Italy. It is believed to have originated in the Marches region, where it has been cultivated for centuries. The name "Pecorino" is derived from the Italian word for sheep, "Pecora," because the grape clusters are said to resemble a sheep's head.

Pecorino is known for its high acidity and aromatic profile, which often includes notes of citrus, green apple, and floral aromas. It is typically made into dry, still white wines that are crisp and refreshing. Pecorino wines are often compared to Sauvignon Blanc or Vermentino due to their similar characteristics.

The grape variety was nearly extinct by the mid-20th century due to low yields and disease susceptibility. However, in the late 20th century, there was a resurgence of interest in indigenous Italian grape varieties, and Pecorino was one of the varieties that benefited from this renewed interest. Today, Pecorino is experiencing a revival, and it is increasingly being planted in other regions of Italy, and in other countries such as Australia and the United States.

Pecorino wines are typically enjoyed young and are best paired with seafood, poultry, and light pasta dishes. They are also a good match for cheeses such as Pecorino (which shares its name with the grape), goat cheese, and fresh mozzarella.

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Berry Bros. & Rudd BB&R 6 x 75cl bottles BB&R
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2021 Pecorino, Colli Aprutini, Emidio Pepe, Abruzzo, Italy
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Medium Bodied
13.5% Alcohol