Coleburn Distillery, Speyside

Located between the Glen Elgin and Speyburn distilleries, Coleburn was founded in 1896 by John Robertson & Sons. Clynelish became the owners in 1916, followed by the Scottish Malt Distiller's, (later part of Diageo) in partnership with John Walker & Sons Ltd.

Almost all of Coleburn's production went into blends such as J & G Stewart's Usher's and Johnnie Walker Red Label. No proprietary single malt expressions were ever released while it was in operation. The first ever official bottling appeared as part of Diageo’s Rare Malt Edition in 2000, although there have been a few independent bottlings.

Coleburn is another Speyside distillery that fell victim to the the 1980's whisky recession. and it is very unlikely that it will open again - its distillery license was returned and cancelled by United Distillers (Diageo) in 1992, and it is currently being developed as a hotel and a cultural center.

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