François Chidaine

François Chidaine

Hailing from Montlouis-sur-Loire, a region just across the Loire River, François Chidaine is a renowned wine producer known for his exceptional biodynamic wines.

Chidaine comes from a family with a winemaking background and has been deeply connected to the world of viticulture from an early age. In the 1980s, he took over the family estate, Domaine François Chidaine, which his grandfather initially founded. Since then, François has been passionately devoted to crafting wines that express the unique terroir of the Loire Valley.

One of the defining features of François Chidaine’s winemaking approach is his commitment to biodynamic viticulture. He strongly advocates for sustainable and organic practices, working in harmony with nature to nurture his vineyards and produce wines that reflect the essence of the land. Biodynamic farming involves using natural preparations and observing lunar cycles to enhance the life force of the soil and promote biodiversity, ultimately leading to healthier vines and more authentic wines.

Chidaine’s vineyard holdings span several appellations, including Montlouis-sur-Loire and Vouvray. In Montlouis, he primarily focuses on Chenin Blanc, the region’s dominant grape variety. In Vouvray, he also works with Chenin Blanc but is famous for producing both dry and sweet styles of wine. François carefully hand-harvests the grapes at optimal ripeness to ensure the highest fruit quality for his winemaking process.

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2010 Vouvray, Moelleux, François Chidaine, Loire
Drink, at peak
Medium Bodied
12.5% Alcohol