1983 Vintage Port

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An underrated vintage, which has stood the test of time extremely well and is now very highly regarded. Winter was long and cold and spring was very late, with snow falling in certain parts of the Douro as late as 20th May. The weather then warmed up but still remained unsettled throughout much of the summer. What made the vintage was the burst of very hot weather at the start of September, with temperatures rising to 30 degrees centigrade. The harvest was one of the latest on record, starting on the 3rd October.

10 major shippers declared this year and thus 1983 is regarded in Port circles as a "split vintage", In youth the wines were powerful yet austere, lacking the showy opulence of the 85s. However, in bottle they have developed marvellously, with the best examples being complex and harmonious. Excellent value for money Ports.

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