Champagne Chavost

Champagne Chavost

Champagne Chavost is a unique and atypical winemaker known for producing singular Champagnes with their own distinct identity. Their wines are crafted with a mastered vinification technique and are notable for the absolute absence of added sulphites, emphasizing their commitment to preserving the environment and respecting biodiversity.

The estate's roots trace back to 1946 when the will of their winegrower ancestors established it in the village of Chavot-Courcourt, historically known as Chavost. Drawing inspiration from their strong collective values of solidarity, sharing, and love for the land, the winery focuses on growing high-quality grapes, allowing them to create exceptional and distinctive Champagne wines.

In line with their philosophy and values, they have recently introduced a new range of wines called "Et sans sulfites ajoutés !" (meaning "No added sulphites!") that further showcases their commitment to preserving the environment and producing singular wines that stand out from the traditional range.

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