Sloemotion, Hedgerow Gin, England (42%)

Sloemotion, Hedgerow Gin, England (42%)

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Sloemotion, Hedgerow Gin, England (42%)

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This is a reassuringly traditional gin from Sloemotion – farmers, distillers and staunch hedgerow-defenders based just outside York. The defining idea here was “what grows together, goes together”, so this gin highlights the best of the interplay between botanicals foraged together from the same hedges. Notably for me, crab apple, nettle leaf and the stones from sloe berries all lend a breath of complexity to this lifted, dry gin. It makes for a nice long gin and tonic, ideally garnished with a wedge of crisp, green apple.

Rob Whitehead, Spirits Buyer, Berry Bros. & Rudd (Oct 2021)

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Sloe Motion Sloe Gin

Sloe Motion Sloe Gin

SLOEmotion Sloe Gin has its roots firmly in the British countryside. Since 2003 SLOEmotion of Green Farm, Barton-le-Willows near York has been producing top quality food products while conserving wildlife that the last 60 years of farming had lost.

SLOEmotion Sloe Gin is made from finest quality distilled London Gin from the last true Gin distiller and bottler in London.  All sloes, the uncultivated relative of plums and damsons, are hand-picked from blackthorn hedgerows.

By using a good quality, smooth, but not strong-tasting gin, the aromatic cherry noted sloe is dominant, with a hint of almond that comes from the stone, the gin only declaring its full presence at the end, when the dryness cuts through – leaving a strong warming glow. The addition of sugar is kept to a minimum to avoid a treacly texture.

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