Carpano, Antica Formula Red Vermouth (16.5%)

Carpano, Antica Formula Red Vermouth (16.5%)

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Carpano, Antica Formula Red Vermouth (16.5%)

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Carpano was the first vermouth used to make the forerunner to the classic martini, The Martinez, mixed with Genever, which was the first gin to hit prohibition in New York.

A rare Vermouth specialty, unique for its bouquet and produced in limited quantity with wise craftsmanship

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Antica Formula is a red vermouth made from an original recipe by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, the man credited with creating modern vermouth in Turin in 1786. Carpano originally developed vermouth by mixing herbs with a base wine and then sweetening it by adding spirit. His new drink proved so popular that soon his shop had to stay open 24 hours a day to satisfy demand.

Carpano had been inspired by a German aromatised wine and was a fan of German poetry. As a result, he named his new product after the German word for wormwood, wermut, which was frequently used to flavour wine at the time. Antica Formula is richer and more complex than most red vermouths and will make an excellent Bronx, Manhattan or Negroni.

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