Walsh Whiskey, Writer's Tears, Double Oak, Whiskey, Ireland (46%)

Walsh Whiskey, Writer's Tears, Double Oak, Whiskey, Ireland (46%)

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Walsh Whiskey, Writer's Tears, Double Oak, Whiskey, Ireland (46%)

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Writers’ Tears Double Oak is a blend of single pot still and single malt Irish whiskey, aged in two types of wood: American oak Bourbon barrels from Kentucky, and French oak Cognac casks. The nose entices with dashes of sweet vanilla, cinnamon, plum and poached pear, while the palate has lingering notes of citrus zest, chocolate and spice. Elegant and decadent, this is one to savour.

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Walsh Whiskey

Walsh Whiskey

Established by husband and wife, Bernard and Rosemary Walsh in 1999, Walsh Whiskey is one of the leading producers of the Irish whiskey renaissance. Its exclusively premium and super-premium, triple-distilled, craft Irish whiskeys are made using the finest single pot still and single malt whiskeys. Most notably of all, Walsh Whiskey is the only house that blends these two premium whiskey styles, in different ways, offering truly unique taste experiences. Both Writers’ Tears and The Irishman are critically acclaimed and internationally adored in over 50 countries. The portfolio includes 6 core expressions in a range of 14 premium and super-premium Irish whiskeys.

Both brands offer unique taste profiles, through the recreation of traditional Irish whiskey recipes from the 19th Century – Ireland’s golden era of whiskey distilling. While honouring the past, Bernard and Rosemary also introduce truly innovative new expressions for contemporary palates in a modern era. The Writers’ Tears suite is more pot-still led, with single malt to the fore in The Irishman range.

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