2004 Berry Bros. & Rudd Monymusk, Cask Ref. 17, Rum, Jamaica (62.4%)

2004 Berry Bros. & Rudd Monymusk, Cask Ref. 17, Rum, Jamaica (62.4%)

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2004 Berry Bros. & Rudd Monymusk, Cask Ref. 17, Rum, Jamaica (62.4%)

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‘The ancient Monymusk sugar estate in Jamaica gives its name to this rum which is now operated by Clarendon Distillers. The Monymusk name belongs to a style rather than a distillery and was produced until the 1950’s at Innswood whose site is now used for maturation and blending. The Monymusk style is unique, funky and a great example of heavy pot still although the output is described as "Light Continental".’

Doug McIvor, Reserve Spirits Manager, Berry Bros. & Rudd

From the moment the cork leaves the bottle there is no doubt this is Jamaican Rum in all its funky, fruity glory. The nose is a prime example of high ester rum; off ripe tropical fruit, paraffin, wax paper, lychee and orange zest all charge out the glass. This powerful character is continued on the palate with an array of tropical fruits and leathery, almost farmy funk that appear with time. An exceptional, exuberant and eccentric dram.

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