2014 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay Kumeu, Auckland

2014 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay Kumeu, Auckland

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2014 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay Kumeu, Auckland


Hunting Hill always has a lovely weight and structure to it and the 2014 is no exception. The orange blossom laden nose also has lovely mealy notes that remind me of top Chassagne Montrachet. The palate is beautifully textured with a steely core combining with lemon posset before savoury, mealy notes reveal themselves again. A class act with a real future ahead of it, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this continues to develop and improve over 8 years. Drink 2016-2024
Matthew Tipping, Private Account Manager

Established in 1944, Kumeu River Wines is still owned and operated by the Brajkovich Family.  Michael Brajkovich is producing some of the best New Zealand Chardonnays currently available, wines that get their inspiration from white Burgundy and in particular the likes of Puligny Montrachet & Chassagne Montrachet, especially in terms of reserve and minerality. 

There is a rather tired tendency amongst the trade to compare New world with Old world wines but genuinely the Kumeu wines are comparable.  This comparison in no way takes away any of the new Zealand-ness of these wines, it is just meant to emphasise the extreme quality one can find here at a fraction of the price one would spend for the same quality in the Northern hemisphere.

These terroir driven wines compete with the best the New World has to offer like Giaconda, Penfold’s Yattarna but with a price attractive to many. The current vintage of 2014 is once again an exemplary vintage in a string of superb offerings from this estate.  For any white wine lover, these Chardonnays are a must have.
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About this WINE

Kumeu River

Kumeu River

Maté Brajkovich, a Dalmation by birth, arrived in New Zealand in 1938. In 1944 he and his parents purchased a property with a small vineyard and Kumeu River wines was born. However it was not until Michael, Mate's son, took over in 1982 that the true potential of the vineyards began to be fully realised.

Michael, the first New Zealander to become a Master of Wine, vastly improved the quality of the fruit though improved drainage systems, the growing of grass between the vine rows and by the introduction of the Lyre trellis system. Its two Chardonnays, the Kumeu River Chardonnay and the Matés Vineyard Chardonnay, are arguably the best in New Zealand and have been consecutively named in the Top one hundred Wines of the world by the Wine Spectator.

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At the head of North Island, the Auckland region brims with a disproportionate amount of wineries (17 percent of New Zealand's total), even though it is planted with just two percent of the country's vines.

Despite being on the doorstep of an affluent Auckland, the fairly humid, near-tropical climate and fertile soils makes fine wine little more than a pipe dream – the notable exception being Kumeu River Wines, where the tireless work of the Brajkovich family in taming the vines while honing their winemaking has resulted in the country's finest Chardonnays.

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Chardonnay is the "Big Daddy" of white wine grapes and one of the most widely planted in the world. It is suited to a wide variety of soils, though it excels in soils with a high limestone content as found in Champagne, Chablis, and the Côte D`Or.

Burgundy is Chardonnay's spiritual home and the best White Burgundies are dry, rich, honeyed wines with marvellous poise, elegance and balance. They are unquestionably the finest dry white wines in the world. Chardonnay plays a crucial role in the Champagne blend, providing structure and finesse, and is the sole grape in Blanc de Blancs.

It is quantitatively important in California and Australia, is widely planted in Chile and South Africa, and is the second most widely planted grape in New Zealand. In warm climates Chardonnay has a tendency to develop very high sugar levels during the final stages of ripening and this can occur at the expense of acidity. Late picking is a common problem and can result in blowsy and flabby wines that lack structure and definition.

Recently in the New World, we have seen a move towards more elegant, better- balanced and less oak-driven Chardonnays, and this is to be welcomed.

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