2018 Berry Bros. & Rudd Agitator, Cask Ref. 741, Single Malt Whisky, Sweden  (57.7%)

2018 Berry Bros. & Rudd Agitator, Cask Ref. 741, Single Malt Whisky, Sweden (57.7%)

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2018 Berry Bros. & Rudd Agitator, Cask Ref. 741, Single Malt Whisky, Sweden  (57.7%)

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Few distilleries push production boundaries like Stockholm’s Agitator. Led by Oskar Bruno, the distillery offers vacuum distillation and endless experimentations with yeast, barley and wood. Energy efficiency is equal to quality in their mindset, making this one of Europe’s greenest distilleries.

Produced with 40ppm barley and fermented with a Saison yeast, this is a feast for the senses. The nose is immensely complex with notes of dried mushrooms, forest floor and peat smoke. It is all wonderfully umami.

The palate brings notes of new leather, pink wafer biscuits and garden bonfire with a pleasing coastal backbone. Smoke and dried fruit linger on the stunning palate. This is idiosyncratic brilliance, distilled by either a madman or a genius.

Jonny McMillan, Reserve Whisky Manager, Berry Bros. & Rudd (2023)

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About this SPIRIT

Agitator Whisky

Agitator Whisky

Stockholm’s Agitator Distillery is a pioneering and innovative force in the world of spirits production. Under the visionary leadership of Oskar Bruno, this distillery has made a name for itself by daring to explore new horizons and challenge conventional norms in the distillation industry.

One of the standout features that sets Agitator apart from its peers is its adoption of vacuum distillation. Unlike traditional distillation methods, which occur at atmospheric pressure, vacuum distillation occurs in a controlled, lower-pressure environment. This novel approach allows Agitator to extract and preserve delicate flavours and aromas from the raw ingredients in a way that conventional distillation often cannot achieve. As a result, their spirits exhibit a level of subtlety and complexity that captivates the palates of discerning enthusiasts.

What truly distinguishes Agitator is its unrelenting spirit of experimentation. Within the distillery’s creative confines, Oskar Bruno and his team embark on a continuous journey of discovery. They explore a multitude of variables, from different yeast strains that impart unique flavour nuances to various barley varieties, each contributing its distinct character to the final product. Moreover, Agitator doesn’t stop at the raw ingredients; they also delve into the intricacies of wood ageing, seeking to perfect the art of maturation. This ceaseless experimentation is the lifeblood of Agitators, enabling them to craft a diverse range of spirits that are nothing short of extraordinary.

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