Discovery Road, Four Lions, English Malt Whisky, 46.0%

Discovery Road, Four Lions, English Malt Whisky, 46.0%

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Discovery Road, Four Lions, English Malt Whisky, 46.0%

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Called Four Lions because Dom Roskrow, St George's distiller David Fitt and Whisky Tasting Club members Tony Bagnall and Pat Barrow selected four 50 litre casks from maturing stock at St Georges Distillery, Norfolk. This is a single malt with a distinctive spicy and earthy taste, some tropical fruits and citrus, and hints of menthol.

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Malty. Fudge, creamy. Fusel oil. Garden mint.
Sweet and slightly biting. That funny note of oil again, like a taste of doughnut. Drying on a dour sour oak note. Like old cider.
Dry, sharp, biting.
A burning feel. Alcohol is not well mastered. And that oily note is not pleasant.

Martine Nouet - Whisky Magazine Issue 118 Nose
Thornton's Bonfire Toffee, bananas cooked in foil over the fire, some spicy mulled cider notes and fresh ginger.
Buttery and oily on the palate, with more of the toffee, a hint of hot buttered brown toast and plump vanilla.
Llingering woody notes, liquorice root and black coffee.
nother bold one for the chilly months. Seems like whisky makers are getting their release dates right!

Neil Ridley - Whisky Magazine Issue 118
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About this SPIRIT

Discovery Road Malt Whisky

Discovery Road Malt Whisky

Discovery Road was founded by international whisky writer and 'new world whiskies' specialist Dominic Roskrow. This new range of whiskeys is the result of Dominic’s travels to distilleries outside of traditional areas of the world, to gain enough experience and knowledge to effectively create a new category named ‘New World Whiskey’.

Dominic believes that making whiskey based on a person’s culture or a particular family’s heritage, and the resources they have available, is the best way to do so. And the best way to create a unique product that will be different to any other.

Dominic is launching a number of different whiskeys from around the world, including two single malts from England and two from Dutch distillers Zuidam. He also has casks from India, Taiwan, France, Sweden and New Zealand.

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