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Despite its rich heritage, Greece has yet to make a significant impact on the UK wine market. The introduction of its wines into consumers minds and mouths has some considerable way to go, in part because of the legacy of the ubiquitous Retsina, which to some extent, shackles the growth of other wines. Fortunately, things have changed.

Changes in both winemaking practice and vineyard management have altered dramatically since the 1960s - a 25% reduction in overall vineyard area has meant th at table wine production has decreased (and continues to do so) while the demand for quality wines is on the rise.

Most of Greece's exports currently go to Germany and France, but imports to the UK are still relatively small. This isn't helped by the fact that Greece is probably the only wine producing country to the western hemisphere that is spending next to nil on the generic promotion of its wines.

Thankfully, serious quality wines are being made by a growing number of producers and boutique wineries. These represent the best that Greece has to offer - indiginous varieties, modern techniques, palate provoking results.

Key Established Regions:

Macedonia (Naoussa, Goumenissa, Halkidiki), Crete, Peloponese (Mantinia, Nemea, Patras), Aegean Islands (Limnos, Santorini), Rhodes, Samos.


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