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After the glorious 2000 Vintage growers in Burgundy came down to earth with a slight bump in 2001 with uneven weather prevailing throughout much of the growing season - April frosts caused some damage and the weather in May was generally fine.

This was followed by cool weather in June, which resulted in uneven flowering. July was cool and unsettled while August was scorchingly hot with violent hailstorms that caused considerable localised damage. September was generally cool and dry and the harvest began on September 20th.

Quantities are a little lower than in 2000 and 1999. Opinion amongst growers on the quality varies, some preferring 2001 while others opt for the slightly plumper 2000 or 1999. It was a reasonable crop in size for white burgundy, though lower than 1999 or 2000. Jean-Yves Devevey made an interesting point about ripeness: whereas in 2000 he got high sugar levels, the grapes were not fully ripe while in 2001 sugar levels were quite a bit lower but the grapes actually riper.

The perception is that the wines are slightly crisper, not because the acidities are technically higher but because the tartaric acid seems more to the fore.
Jasper Morris MW, BBR Buyer

Burgundy 2001 - Ten Years on Tasting (2011) by Jasper Morris MW

Of all vintages in my 30 years of experience with Burgundy, 2001 is the year I have found the most difficult to pin down.  For whatever reason, to date, I have never been able to put my finger on the particular character associated with the wines of this vintage.

The white wines were more variable than the reds, with some showing noticeable ageing, others delicious to drink now and just a few still with the power to develop further. 2001 remains fractionally anonymous in style, with no specific feature standing out.

Good wines though. There were few surprises among the successful producers, such as Meursault Charmes by Domaine Roulot, Puligny-Montrachet Pucelles by Domaine Leflaive, Puligny-Montrachet Champgain by Comte Lafon, Meursault Poruzots by François Jobard, Macon La Roche Vineuse Les Cras by Olivier Merlin, St Aubin En Remilly by Hubert Lamy, Meursault Genevrières by Comte Lafon and by François Jobard.

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