Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio

Voerzio is the original ‘modernist’ Barolo estate. Based in La Morra, Roberto started in the 1980s with five hectares. He makes tiny quantities from a number of top vineyards (La Serra, Rocche dell’Annunziata, Cerequio, Fossati Case Nere, Sarmassa), 60 percent of which have been planted at high density levels. Yet in the winery he’s relatively traditional, eschewing roto-fermentors or manipulation of the fruit, ageing in a combination of small and (since 2008) increasingly large botti.

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Case price (Bottle 3 x 75cl)


Bottle 3 x 75cl 19cs


Bottle 3 x 75cl 1cs

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Roberto Voerzio, Ready, but will improve,

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Asx12 btl 1 x 900cl 3cs

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Roberto Voerzio, Ready, but will keep,

Assrt x 6 1 x 450cl 1cs


Assrt x 6 1 x 450cl 1cs

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Showing 1-14 out of 14 items