Chateau Rabaud Promis

Originally part of Château-Rabaud until the latter was divided up in 1903 into Sigalas-Rabaud and Rabaud-Promis. The two properties were then reunited in 1929 before being partitioned again in 1952. Rabaud-Promis is located in the commune of Bommes and its 33 hectares of vineyards border those of Sigalas-Ribaud and Rayne-Vigneau.

For years this was a badly underperforming property that produced wines not warranting the property's 1er Cru Classé status. The catalyst for change came with the appointment of Philippe Déjean as manager in 1974. He improved vineyard techniques, cut the yields and introduced a more rigorous selection procedure at harvest time. The wine is typically a blend of 80% Sémillon, 18% Sauvignon Blanc and 2% Muscadelle and is aged in oak barrels (33% new) for 15 months.

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