Domaine Peter Sichel

Domaine Peter Sichel

Tucked away in a hidden valley in a remote corner of the Languedoc-Roussillon lies a truly special place: the village of Cucugnan. Historically, there was much wine produced here, given its isolated location, but gradually the local people moved away to the towns. There are now just 130 people living in the village. As the vineyards were left mostly abandoned, the local flora and fauna were permitted to thrive. Cucugnan became a unique area, full of biodiversity, which shines through in the rare plants and flowers that grow there today.

Peter Sichel (of the Bordeaux négociant family) first discovered this valley on a road trip with a friend in the 1960s. He was so spellbound by the place that he bought a house there and, in 1988, planted a vineyard. The project grew, albeit slowly, but the arrival of Peter’s thoughtful and environmentally inspired grandson, Alexander Sichel, has turned the Domaine Peter Sichel project completely around.

Since 2019, Alexander has converted the estate to organics and biodynamics, achieving organic certification in 2022. Furthermore, he is committed to supporting polyculture in and around the vineyards, even enlisting the help of a PhD programme from a Dutch university to identify the incredible array of plant life in the vineyard.

Alexander’s grandfather planted the vines between 30-40 years old. Parcels of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, and Roussanne lie mostly on the best slopes of the valley. Starting from 350-500 metres’ altitude, these slopes have very little topsoil; the roots go almost straight into the bedrock. The viticultural team here has done much work to focus on the unique characteristics of each parcel to express the terroir of this stunning valley in the most authentic way.

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