Bowmore Distillery, Islay

Bowmore Distillery has been situated on the rugged Hebridean Island of Islay since 1779 and is the second oldest distillery in Scotland today. The location of the distillery on this wind swept Isle has played an important part in determining the legendary smoky and rich character of the single malt whisky it produces.

Bowmore Single Malt is produced using water from the nearby Laggan River which echo's the flavours of the Islay peat that is also used in the fires of the malt-drying kiln. The distillery is one of the last to have maintained a tradition of malting its own Barley by hand turning with wooden malt shovels.

The character of the single malts is further developed in the famous seaside vaults, where the whiskies are kept for up to 40 years in Spanish and American casks.

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